Stephenson Tales

Kids Say (and Do) the Darndest Things

Inny May tales - Jim Bob's much-loved Mammy.

The Beginning of Jim Bob's Professional Career - the theater bug bites young Jim Bob.

Irrepressible Jim Bob - Jim Bob behaves for company

HOW DO YOU GET THAT WAY? - Jim Bob in school.

The Easter Egg - Jim Bob's Easter Egg Hunt adventure.

A Female Solution - Jim Bob's adventure with gasoline.

Clothes Make the Man --Or Woman - Jim Bob's adventures with hats, wigs, and dress.

Reading the "Funnies" - Reading the comics at home and neighbors' homes can be educational.

The Gull Lake Bible Conference Meets a Smart Mouthed Kid - Jim Bob shows his skill at memorizing his lines, debate, and hoisting folks on their own petard.

The Hills of Home I - Elephant's Head - The Only Time I Ever Went Skiing - Jim Bob tries his hand at downhill skiing.

Thunderstorms - no fear here!

Same Ol' Evadee - Evie shows her independent spirit at a young age.

The Hills of Home II - Coffee Pot Hill - Apparently, even at this young age, Robin didn't think much of coffee.

Pizza in a Cave - Words sometimes come faster than meaning and application in kids.

The Trailer Song - a traveling theme song is born.

My Blue Eyes - Robin makes an astute observation.

I Only Had Two - the love of chocolate starts so young.

Robin & Annie - Robin's memory talent.

Evie's Claim to Fame - Evie learns the thrill and agony of being related to the author of the school textbook.

Old MacDonald - who else lives on that farm with all those animals?

Irrepressible John - Like Nan, like Jim Bob.

Wee Wisdom (or) Bright Sayings of Bright Children

The Harp - The story of Lucky's full-size Lyon & Healy harp, a thing of true beauty.

Robbie's Name - The longest name for the tallest of us siblings.

Junior High Robin Wows College Kids or The Littlest (and Youngest) Fairy Queen - Robin reprises her role of The Fairy Queen.

The Challenge of Billy Bounce - Jim Bob takes a character from his childhood and brings him to life for us.

Toni Tries Out for Peter Pan - a most unique audition and performance.

Christmas Gifts for Lucy Chase - Jim Bob's unique, and productive, Christmas shopping trip.

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