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Evie's Claim to Fame

When we got to Carbondale, Illinois, Evie was in sixth grade and yearned to be "popular." Her wish came true in an unexpected way.

The history book her class was using was "Exploring the Old World" by Boak, Hyma, and Stephenson. When she came home and showed us her book, she was thrilled to learn that the "Orlando Worth Stephenson" was her grandfather! She was elated, of course, and told her classmates and teacher of the relationship. There was a lot of skepticism, but fortunately Mom and Dad came for a visit with us, and Evie proudly took Dad to school with her.

Dad rose to the occasion and read a couple of his own favorite sections in the book to the class. The person who was most excited by the event was the teacher! From that day on Evie was looked upon with some awe as a famous author's granddaughter, and her popularity made a remarkable leap.

Not that she needed it really, because her own natural vivacity, wit, charm, beauty and intelligence got her LOTS of friends and she really was "popular."

Lucky's Note: Evie's delight at having her grandfather's social studies text didn't last long. The material didn't appeal to her, and she found it dull and too full of details. At Christmas, when Nan and Oie came to visit us, Oie asked to see Evie's report card. Evie cowered behind Oie's chair as he read it. She had a D in social studies! Without a word, he flipped the card back to her. She was mortified, and HATED social studies that year!

Evie's Note: My teacher was Mr. Clark - who made me write 500 times "I will not call you Russel".
Composed 3 November 2008; Transcribed by Lucky

© Jim Bob Stephenson 2008

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