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My Blue Eyes

We had a "Beemer" house trailer when we were in Kansas and brought it to Interlochen for the summer. After Camp was over we went to Ontario to see a couple of productions by the brand new Shakespeare Company. Jason Robards, Jr. from the American theatre ("Long Day's Journey into Night," "The Iceman Cometh", etc.) was a visiting "star," and we thought it would be interesting to see how he did in the Company of the highly trained British and Canadian performers. He was embarrassingly bad. In the company of the elegant enunciation of the others, he sounded as though he had just climbed down from the plough. But that is not the point of this. We took the trailer with us and lived in it while there---and THAT is another story about Miss Lo'-la-lee-lou and the golf course and "I only had two" that I will write before this saga comes to an end. When we got to Ontario it had become dark and while Lucy Chase ran over to the box office to get our tickets, I had the job of attaching the trailer to the power source--a plug on a tree in the Trailer Park. I carried Robin from the car in to the trailer and told her to stand perfectly still while I plugged in the power line. I left the door open, got the power cord from its cubby under the left side of the trailer and uncoiled it. I pulled a bench over to the tree with the line in my hand and felt around for the power source. Just as my fingers found the connection and I was about to plug in my line, Robin called.
"Yes, dear?"
"I can't see out of my blue eyes!"
What a delight she was.

© Jim Bob Stephenson 1992

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