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Same Ol' Evadee

When Dr. Willam Halstead chose to produce Berthold Brecht's "The Good Woman of Setzuan," he needed a strong actress for the title role. He also needed several children in supporting parts. Carrying out the University Theater's long tradition of using Slosson/Stephenson children, he naturally turned to the younger generation of those families. He had a wonderful student actress, Gwen Arner, to play the lead, and asked Lucy Chase and me if he could use our three kids. He particularly wanted Evie, because she was the godchild of his wife, Claribel Baird, and also because of her dark hair and flashing dark eyes. Of course, we agreed.

When we took Lucky (6), John (4), and Evie (2 years old) to the theater for the first time, he met us halfway down the aisle and began explaining what he expected them to do. He demonstrated how he wanted them to perform an "oriental" greeting.

"Now, you put your hands together like this, bend your head forward, and bow slightly from the waist."

Lucky and John complied at once and did it perfectly. Evie watched.

"Will you do that, Evie?"

"Maybe I will, and maybe I won't."

As T.C. Glen once said of her, "Same ol' Evadee."

Of course, she finally did it perfectly during it rehearsals. But on opening night one of the girls in the cast grabbed her to put her in place for her entrance. The girl's bracelet had a sharp projection that sliced into Evie's wrist. Evie began to scream and was rushed downstairs to the dressing room, where Lucy Chase came to her rescue. She was soothed, but it took most of the evening, so Evie never got on stage at all during the performance. But, like the trouper that she was, DID come out and take a curtain call with the rest of the cast.

Same ol' Evadee!

Composed 8 October 2008 by Jim Bob & Lucy Chase; Transcribed by Lucky

© Jim Bob Stephenson 2008

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