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A Female Solution

Once when we were visiting Aunt Mattie and Uncle Omar in Blytheville, Arkansas, Orlando had a friend there who had a Model T Ford. They decided to experiment to find out how far it would go on one gallon of gasoline. They drained the gasoline from the tank into a couple of pails, then, replacing the drain-cork, put in exactly one gallon of gasoline. They put the pails in the space between the front and back seats, so they could put more gas in when the gallon ran out.

There was a community swimming pool about eight blocks away from the house, and I had permission to go there and swim. Orlando and his friend said that they would drive me to the pool and then I could walk back when I had my swim.

I got in the back seat and tossed my bathing suit on to the floor as I sat down. One of the pails was very full, and as we drove to the pool some gasoline sloshed over the side and completely drenched my swimsuit.

When I got out at the pool, I squeezed it and wrung it out and waved it in the air so the gas would evaporate, but it was still damp. I went in, undressed, and put it on. Immediately I began to burn. My penis and anus felt as though I was on fire. I snatched the suit off, yanked on my clothes with tears of pain running down my face. I raced back to Aunt Mattie's as fast as I could with the dry fabric rubbing against my burning skin fore and aft!

When I got there, Aunt Mattie and "Sister" (Mattie's eldest), and Mom stripped me. From waist to thighs I was beet red and burning. This was no time for boyish modesty! I was in agony. They consulted: "What shall we do? Can't wash it with soap, that would burn more. How about some cold cream? Vaseline?"

They finally decided on the Vaseline. They took a Kotex pad and smeared it liberally with Vaseline (after rubbing Vaseline over my tender parts), and put the Kotex pad between my legs and up to my waist and held it in place with a pair of Mom's panties.

I observed this whole operation with as much detachment as I could muster. It was soothing as the Vaseline dissipated the residual gasoline, I must admit.

Then I took one of the Kotex pads out of the box and said musingly "I always wondered what these were for!"

Composed 3 November 2008; Transcribed by Lucky

© Jim Bob Stephenson 2008

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