Stephenson Tales

Extended Family and Friends

Dad Meets Buffalo Bill - The secret life of Oie's father.

Oie Turns a House Around - Oie, Jim Bob's father, was definitely one of a kind.

Inny May tales - Jim Bob's much-loved Mammy.

Lucy Chase Denny Wright Slosson - our grandmother, strong-willed and a creative mother.

How "Dude" Got the Name - How does one get "Dude" from his given name - and what is his given name?!?!

Some Depression (but not depressing) Memories - Nan's culinary magic and "shopping" with Oie.

Mom's Hobo Help and a black "uncle" - Nan's wonderful way of meeting the needs of multiple people.

Animal Husbandry- some of the myriad of animals that have enriched our lives.

Piano Adventures - how Jim Bob learned to repair pianos.

Busy Boys are Better Boys - How a Stephenson catch phrase was born.

The YOITY Society and Our Ghastly Trophy - One of the great Societies of our day!

Our Second Wedding Cake - A lovely tale of wedding cakes during war rationing times.

TC the Unhandy Man - Not all handymen are created equal....

A Hidden Heritage - The skeleton emerges from the closet.

Our Dock - the longest dock on the lake.
Lawrence builds a "boathouse" - The first chapter in the life of the famous boathouse.

Orlando Worth Stephenson - Oie, a most unique man.

Petey's Non-Confession - Our neighbor in Ann Arbor found a niche for himself in our family stories.

Evie's Claim to Fame - Evie learns the thrill and agony of being related to the author of the school textbook.

A Found Wallet and Its Tasteless Reward - No accounting for taste.....

Mr. Yon and Sheriff Hanes - priceless.

Sheriff Hanes and the Diapers - the eye of the beholder.

Mr. Yon in Florida - our Interlochen neighbor experiences Florida home ownership.

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