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I have no idea how much "sibling rivalry" there was among the three dauhters of Bishop Collins Denny (Methodist Church South) as I only knew them as very mature ladies I do know that they were very strong willed (stubborn?) women who had to be in charge of anything and everyone in any situation (Aunt Edith told Lucky and Danny what the sleeping arrangements were to be when they were at a motel—and had Lucky and Danny in separate beds(!) ). I can assume, however, that there was a considerable amount of disagreement when they were growing up. However that my be, Lucy Denny Wright did one thing that was so brilliant that I wish all young mothers who have more than one baby could learn from it. Lucy Chase was about seventeen months old when Mary Libby was born. Now it would have been quite normal for the elder child to feel displaced by the coming of a new object of maternal affection and attention. The first time Lucy Chase saw her baby sister, her mother held her and the maternity ward nurse held Mary Libby. The new mother introduced the newcomer to her saying, "This is your baby!" That began a loving relationship that has continued throughout their lives. Mary Libby is STILL Lucy Chase's first baby. "If you are very good, I will feed your baby for you." and "Help me give your baby a bath. You can wash her tiny feet..." It did not occur to Lucy Chase that the baby would be fed, no matter how "good" she was! And to this day Lucy Chase loves to wash a baby's feet!

Composed 18 February 2009

© Jim Bob Stephenson 2009

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