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Mr. Yon was selling his house and, in the interim, between his putting it on the market and its being bought, he went to Florida to find a place for himself as it was reputed to be warm. About a week after he left, he came back to finish up the closing of his sale. When I saw he was there, I went over and asked about his Florida trip.
"It was all right. I got me a nice house."
"Oh, good, how is it?"
"Well I don't have it."
"You don't have it? You like Florida all right, don't you?"
"Oh, yes. The first day I was there I made three thousand dollars."
"Ayep, I bought the house and before I took the 'for sale' sign down, a man come by and asked if I owned the house. I told him of course I did. He asked how much I wanted for it and I gave him a price and we closed the deal on the spot--three thousand more than I had paid for it the day before!"
I went home musing again on the indomitableness of Mr. Yon.

© Jim Bob Stephenson 1992

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