Stephenson Tales


Dad Meets Buffalo Bill - The secret life of Oie's father.

The Beginning of Jim Bob's Professional Career - the theater bug bites young Jim Bob.

How Dude got into Theatre - A career is born.

Aladdin, Africano, and Fredrico - The birth of Fredrico.

Our Town in Italy - Working with Thornton Wilder - Jim Bob's amazing experience working with the play's author.

Our Director and the Stanislavsky Influence on our Art - Our theater pedigree runs deep.

Radio & TV Acting - Jim Bob's acting transitions from radio to TV.

Are You Stephen Nelson? - Jim Bob's alter ego.

Music at Michigan - Bending the Twig - My Meetings with Maddy - And the tree grew to full flower.

My NBC Chimes - The tale of the 3-note chime that graces our home.

Basil Rathbone - Basil comes to the University of Michigan to star in The Winslow Boy.

Gale Densmore - poseur - Never try to pull something literary over on Jim Bob!

Same Ol' Evadee - Evie shows her independent spirit at a young age.

Robin & Annie - Robin's memory talent.

Lucy Chase Chastises a Star - The "Captain" learns you cannot solve a problem like Lucy Chase!

Sermon at Interlochen - when Mother Nature calls during church.

Chipper (Dr. Chipper Lane) - the family dog for many years.

The Harp - The story of Lucky's full-size Lyon & Healy harp, a thing of true beauty.

Junior High Robin Wows College Kids or The Littlest (and Youngest) Fairy Queen - Robin reprises her role of The Fairy Queen.

The Play Package Company - a triumph that was born after a tragedy.

Foxy Liza - a natural born dog of the theater and a beloved pet.

These Are Some of My Favorite Things - Some of Jim Bob's favorite roles and theater experiences.

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