Stephenson Tales


The Guest House - the ever changing structure.

Sheriff Hanes and the Diapers - the eye of the beholder.

Music at Michigan - Bending the Twig - My Meetings with Maddy - And the tree grew to full flower.

Harper House - our summer home.

Lawrence builds a "boathouse" - The first chapter in the life of the famous boathouse.

The Hills of Home II - Coffee Pot Hill - Apparently, even at this young age, Robin didn't think much of coffee.

Ring the Bell! - Our family's unique way of calling us in from the lake.

Mr. Yon in Florida - our Interlochen neighbor experiences Florida home ownership.

Our Dock - the longest dock on the lake.

The Hills of Home III - Nightmare Hill - A dream that led to a road identifier.

The Hills of Home IV - Lucy Chase's Hill - The Souvenir from a glacier of three million years ago - ownership—it has many levels and many definitions.

Piano Adventures - Part 3 - a piano moves to Interlochen.

Sermon at Interlochen - when Mother Nature calls during church.

Thunderstorms - no fear here!

Junior High Robin Wows College Kids or The Littlest (and Youngest) Fairy Queen - Robin reprises her role of The Fairy Queen.

Toni Tries Out for Peter Pan - a most unique audition and performance.

Mr. Yon and Sheriff Hanes - priceless.

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