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Lucy Chase's Hill - The Souvenir from a glacier of three million years ago

Moraine n,[F] Geol. An accumulation of earth, stones, etc. deposited by a glacier.

Across Lake Wabekaness (Duck Lake) from us and a bit to the right, looming up in the background—the highest point on the horizon—is Lucy Chase's hill. She got it by right of personal claim. I think, as property, it belongs to the Beeman family. They have an earth-moving, plowing, rocks and stones, gravel and sand business. They do not know that spiritually this eminance does not belong to them at all. In fact they only know Lucy Chase as a customer at Chrissy Beeman's roadside fruit and vegetable stand, and as the wife of the man who made Mr. Beeman dig him a new dry well when the Beeman front loader fell into the old one which was on the lot next door to Harper House, after Mr. Secord bought the lot from Ada Harper the night before she died!

Composed 25 December, 2008, Transcribed by Robin

Note from Robin: Not only did all of us kids know that the hill across the lake belonged to Mom, but we all referred to it as "Mom's hill". That hill has featured prominently in my dreams of Interlochen over the years.

© Jim Bob Stephenson 2008

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