Stephenson Tales

Military Adventures

The Arab Dagger - Jim Bob acquires a unique souvenir during the war.

The Home-Made Dagger - Jim Bob acquires another souvenir during the war.

Piano Adventures - Part 2 - Jim Bob puts his piano repair skills to use in the military.

Two Near Brushes with Death - Jim Bob comes close to death, but gets a sourvenir.

Army Fellows and One Official Jerk - Some of the characters in the 849th.

More on (read "moron") Major English - More on Major English's method of command.

Col. Myers, gentleman - One of Jim Bob's superior officers.

Saving Lucy Chase from Military Disaster - Sometimes the enlisted men know, and speak, truth far better than most of the "officers and gentlemen" above them can possibly realize.

How I Did NOT Become An Officer - The Military's Measure of a Mature Man.....

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