Stephenson Tales


White Mice - Jim Bob's brother's career in mouse breeding.

Animal Husbandry- some of the myriad of animals that have enriched our lives.

Several "Ladies" - the collies that shared our lives.

Mama Kitty - one of longest lived, and most beloved, pet cats.

Mama Kitty, the Homing Pigeon and Aqua-cat - More on the special kitty that was Mama Kitty.

Chipper (Dr. Chipper Lane) - the family dog for many years.

Other Beasties - Birds and Dogs - more on the collection of animals that padded, and flew, through our lives.

Buckle - the very special product of a beautiful pure-bred collie and a neighbor's dog.

Spartacus the Skunk - the obese skunk that shared Robin's bedroom for a time.

A Deer Through the Window - The hazards of driving in the country.

Foxy Liza - a natural born dog of the theater and a beloved pet.

Peppy - sweet ol' mutt adopted right off the road, a dear dog.

Road Kill Meals - Jim Bob's method of living off the land.

Raccoon for Supper Then to the Beach on Christmas - A Florida Christmas vacation.

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